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Orange County Sustainability Decathlon 

What is the Orange County Sustainability Decathlon?

The Orange County Sustainability Decathlon is an exciting competition that challenges multidisciplinary teams of students, architects, engineers, builders, and entrepreneurs to design and build replicable housing units that uphold the values of sustainability. The overall goal of OCSD is to create a sustainable ADU building business and introduce their innovative ideas past the competition's end. This competition is against students from across the world and country including China, BYU, Virginia Tech and most of California. The competition will be held at the OC Fairgrounds in October 2023. 

The 10 key points for this competition: 

  1. Sustainability and resilience 

  2. Architecture and Interior Design 

  3. Engineering and Construction 

  4. Communications and Marketing 

  5. Innovation

  6. Energy Efficiency 

  7. Water Use and Conservation

  8. Health and Comfort 

  9. Lighting and Appliances 

  10. Market Potential

What is an ADU? 

ADU stands for "Accessory Dwelling Unit," which is a secondary housing unit that is built on the same lot as a primary residence. ADUs can be attached to the primary residence, such as a converted garage or basement, or they can be detached, such as a standalone cottage in the backyard. ADUs can be used as living spaces for family members, as rental units, or as a home office or studio. In California, ADUs are becoming increasingly popular as a solution for the state's housing shortage, and they can also provide a sustainable and eco-friendly housing option when built with environmentally conscious materials and design which is exactly what Midoori is hoping to achieve!

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